Town Clerk's Office

Duties & Responsibilities

The Town Manager shall appoint a Town Clerk or management firm to serve as Town Clerk. The Clerk shall give notice of council meetings to its members and the public, keep minutes of its proceedings, and perform such other duties as the Council or Town Manager may prescribe from time to time. The Clerk shall report to the Town Manager.

Town Clerk operational responsibilities include:

  • Administer records management and election procedures in accordance with State Statutes and Town Charter and Code of Ordinances.
  • Attend Town Council meetings and prepares minutes.
  • Act as the Town election official and coordinates all activities relating to the Election Process for all elections.
  • Maintain Town records and provides records and documents to the public and staff.
  • Interpret State, County and Town rules and regulations for records management and election procedures.
  • Ensure all Town documents are processed pursuant to legal procedures.
  • Interpret State and Town laws, rules, and regulations regarding the functions of the office.
  • Prepare Council Agenda for Regular Meetings, Special Meetings, Workshops, and Committee Meeting Packets.
  • Town Clerk or Town Staff Designee shall attend all Town Council Regular Meetings, Special Meetings, Workshops, and Committee and Board Meetings to record and transcribe the minutes.
  • Prepare and finalizes meeting minutes for Town Council approval.
  • Prepare and finalized minutes for Committee and Board meetings.
  • Index final adopted version of the minutes of Council meetings.
  • Record all meetings and uploads to the Town's website.
  • Index ordinances and resolutions.
  • Maintain index of agreements/contracts between Town and various entities or individuals.
  • Answer telephone, correspondence, and citizen inquiries, including those regarding Town records or ordinances.
  • Prepare proclamations and certificates.
  • Prepare and transmit deeds to the Clerk of Court for recording in the public records of Palm Beach County.
  • Prepare legal notices and advertisements as required Florida State Statutes.