Town of Loxahatchee Groves (Town) “Recreational Vehicle Parking Program” (RVPP). A separate application is required for each recreational vehicle (RV) to be parked on property within the Town. 

Permit Application: Applications required pursuant to this program shall include: 

  • Name of property owner, address, and zoning code of property where RV is to be located; 
  • Name and permanent address of person(s) residing in the RV; 
  • A 24-hour emergency on-site contact person and contact information; 
  • Make, model, color, and tag number of RV; 
  • Approved permits from the Town for electrical, water, and from the Health Department for sewage disposal; 
  • Name and copy of signed sewage disposal contract with an approved septic vendor covering the permit period; and 
  • Site plan with designated area for RV parking identified showing location of RV(s) on property including 25’ setbacks from all property lines and availability of hook-ups.

Permit Fee: Each RV requires a separate permit. The cost per each RV permit is Fifty Dollars ($50.00) plus a deposit equal to the annual solid waste assessment for a single residential unit, which is $400.00. The permit fee is a flat rate per RV for the entire period regardless of number of days used and is not prorated. Upon the end of the 6-month rental period, property will be inspected and if owner is compliant, one-half of the deposit will be returned. Final inspection should be scheduled prior to the end of the 179th day so the inspection can occur immediately. 

Permit Period: The RVPP permit is valid for 179 days from date of approval. The permitted RV shall be removed from the property on or before the 179th day. Failure to remove the RV shall constitute a violation and subject the property owner to Code Enforcement action and an administrative fine. The RV must be removed for a period no less than 6 months before a new permit will be issued, except where a parking space was used for a period of less than 6 months, then a permit may be issued for the time period remaining on the originally issued permit for the RV originally permitted. 

Limitations: No RVs will be allowed on parcels less than one (1) one acre; one (1) RV shall be allowed on parcels consisting of one (1) acre and less than two (2) acres; a maximum of two (2) RVs shall be allowed on parcels consisting of 2 acres and less than ten (10) acres; and no more than four (4) RVs shall be allowed on parcels consisting of ten (10) acres or more. 

Parking Area: Areas utilized for the parking of RVs must be identified on the submitted site plan within the required setbacks with the necessary hook-ups available. Property owners may screen parked RVs from neighboring properties. 

Electrical Hook Up: Electrical hook up must be separate for each RV. Each electrical hook up must be permitted through and inspected by the Town’s Building Department. No electrical extension cords shall be utilized. Use of extension cords will render the permit invalid. 

Water Hook Up: Water hook up may be a single source with separate hook up at each RV parking spot. 

Septic Hook Up: Septic hook up must be permitted and inspected by the Health Department. A copy of the approved permit is required as part of this application. 

Approved Septic Vendor: A commercial operation licensed and insured in the State of Florida and permitted by Palm Beach County to conduct sewage removal via pump truck, evidenced by an executed contract by the owner and contractor. 

Ground Cover (optional): It is recommended that the section of land directly beneath the RV be covered with an impenetrable surface to guard against spills and leakage seeping into the ground. This may consist of a concrete pad with at least a two-inch raised lip around the entire pad, a tarp with a two-inch raised lip around the entire surface or like materials used to cover the ground. 

Property Access: Property owner(s) agree to allow Town representatives access to the property, by appointment, upon 24 hours’ notice, to conduct inspections of the areas used for RVPP. Failure to allow inspections will invalidate the permits for RVs under this program and subject the property owner to Code Enforcement action. By submitting this application and signing below, you acknowledge that the Town has the right to inspect the property to verify compliance with the permit, and that a failure to allow such inspection will invalidate the permit and require that the RV be removed immediately. 

Site Inspection: A site inspection by a Town representative shall be conducted prior to the issuance of a permit to ensure compliance with the RVPP. 

Vehicle Identification Stickers: Upon issuance of the RVPP permit, vehicle identification stickers shall be issued to the property owner. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that issued stickers are affixed to approved RVs parked in accordance with this program. The stickers shall be affixed to the lower left of front windshield so to be easily viewed by Town representatives during inspections of the site as well as during drive by of the property. Failure to affix stickers to RVs will invalidate the permit. 

Code Violations: RVPP permits will not be issued to persons or on properties that have adjudicated code violations and unresolved penalties associated thereto. 

Unoccupied RVs/Storage: Pursuant to Article 20, Section 20-010 of the Town of Loxahatchee Groves Unified Land Development Code (ULDC), a maximum of two recreational vehicles may be stored on premises, provided that the vehicles are routinely operated/maintained by a permanent, full-time resident of the property and are not located in any required setbacks, easements, or rights-of-way. 

Grooms Quarters: Groom’s quarters are permitted on parcels where there are equestrian uses and a stable with 18 or more stalls. 

Caretakers Quarters: Caretaker’s quarters are permitted on parcels with a bona fide agricultural use designation.